Welcome to My Lotus Blossom Yoga Therapy (MLBYT)!  I am Michelle L. Bowles, a yoga therapist, yoga teacher, social justice activist, environmental activist, student, mom to three fur faces, 13230185_10207967450637513_3985861366465518555_nfriend, daughter, sister, community member, empath, survivor, and spiritual being having a human experience among other things.  I came to the practice of yoga via books as a child, and when my auto-immune disorders became dominant in my twenties, I found my daily practice helped me manage my symptoms.  When I had cancer in my thirties, my yoga practice is what got me back to my body, and it has helped me find myself again and again as I have struggled to find myself and live my truth through the veil of immense childhood and adult traumas.

I taught yoga as part of other things – day camp, employee wellness programs, just from what I knew.  I had never planned to become a yoga teacher, let alone a yoga therapist, until I saw the studies regar2015-03-13 11.11.53ding yoga and combat related PTSD.  My younger brother is a combat disabled Marine with PTS and when I had the opportunity, I took the course thinking maybe I could volunteer some.  That course required me to take another course, and that other course was a 200 Hour Integrative Yoga Therapy program run by Genevieve Yellin of Sundara Yoga Therapy, the Overcoming Anxiety Project, and TIYT.  Halfway through the program I knew I was going to do this work for the rest of my life.  Four and a half years, 2,000 hours of training, and nearly 3,000 hours of teaching later, I have completed all the “levels” of certification possible and learn new things every single day.

It is my joy to work with individuals one-on-one to find the tools that they find comfortable using to meet their wellness needs; to educate small groups on a condition through the lens of yoga therapy and how we can complement the tools their doctors have given them with aspects of yoga and ayurveda that will help them address their long term health; or even leading small public classes specialized for those for whom a vigorous asana practice may not always be the best fit.  I have a lot of knowledge and experience to share, but each person working with me has the most important knowledge and experience – that of their own being – together we can work to find the best path toward each individual’s optimal wellness.

At this point, insurance doesn’t cover yoga therapy.  Rates are comparable to those of a medical massage.  At times, those that could benefit the most are those that can afford it the least.  If you would like services, and that range is cost prohibitive, I do work with people in small groups and sliding fee scale so anyone that needs services has them available.

This website is still under development, so check back or contact me if you have questions not answered easily here.